Their Own Devices

Mission 14

Normandy under pressure, a flyover by Major Bell

The crews are under heavy assault by hard light automatons, attempting to defend towers and the power substation long enough for Freddie to prevent the release of DMG data

Bell flys by and drops kinetic weapons sufficient to annihilate the above ground troops

The crew mops up underground and secures the device

ARG comes through to retrieve devices captured that were judged a danger to DMG operations

after annihilating the last of the holograms and surviving the shockwave, the team moves up to the hole in the bottom of the crater to try and sweep the last enemies out of the base. On the orders of the ARG, who didnt allow them to simply sweep them in – they insisted on collection of all remaining devices. So the team has to go in, and KD is at the bottom of the rubble filled hole looking for who to kill.

the upstairs was nothing but wrecked forest, trees everywhere, and it took some serious navigation to figure out where to go.


gregpdawson gregpdawson

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