Their Own Devices

Mission 15

A sweep of terrorists in the deep

The party go down into the deeps

freddie leads the way with drone swarms, surveying the terrain and providing overwatch

after a few short firefights in the hallway following a dramatic entrance through the semi collapsed lift shaft, the team moves out to begin a classic sweep and clear

they find two hackers early on, one of whom is being ridden by a blood demon
they kill the male, and manage to capture the female alive. She turns out to be the hacker known as “Bottles”, partly responsible for the earlier attack on Fort Halstead.

as they move further in, freddie loses a few drones to stray rounds, they engage a few armed guards, and then find their way to what appears to be the main barracks room

in the barracks, they fight the leader of the cult, saving a sacrificial victim from immanent demonic possession in the process

unfortunately the demon vessel fights back and they are forced to knock her out before they can effect a rescue. She becomes their second prisoner taken during the raid, although she is dangerously possessed which makes for an extremely comfortable flight home.


gregpdawson gregpdawson

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