An enormous African who's quietly smarter than most university professors


Aaron Oak is an agent of the DMG.

Link to google docs character sheet.

Formerly known as Therin Okonkwo, his identity was killed while serving in the British military in 2009.


Born in Peckham (in 1987) to a third generation Nigerian immigrant family, Therin spent most of his youth looking out for his extended family, and getting into trouble on the streets.
The mischief culminated in a fight that put the other guy in a coma, and landed Aaron in the care of Her Majestys custodial services.

While at Leverton Secure Children’s Home, Therin and his dorm-mates were embroiled in the capture of Leon Granville as part of DMG operation GRAY ANT.

After a stint in Medway Secure Training Centre, Therin was released along with his friends at age 18, in 2005. After gaining a job through his friend Wills, Therin was allowed to move into a flat with his friends on Borstal Road.


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