A technically expert troublemaker from the mean streets of London


Alfred “Freddie” Dales is an agent of the DMG.

Link to google docs character sheet.

Formerly known as Frederick “Freddie” Barnes, his identity was killed while serving in the British military in 2009.


Born in the back blocks of London (in 1987) where even rats are considered a higher quality of person, Frederick Barnes (“Freddie”) is a dyed in the wool townie from the housing estates.

Of obvious genius level intelligence from an early age , Freddie really didn’t have much hope in life to become anything other than a criminal mastermind, or a long-stay guest in Her Majesty’s Penal System. His skills with computers and electronics made him of great value to certain elements in the estates, problem is that Freddie just couldn’t keep that bitter, superior sneer off his face or out of his voice when dealing with the other residents so it’s just as well the boy can run like greased lightning!

His mother a washed out whore and his daddy a long-gone rolling stone, Freddie was the bread winner for his entire family of six from the fine old age of eight when he discovered the joys of credit card fraud. He ran with a team of other street scum (including his mate KD) who used to lift the gear and Freddie would crack it open for all to enjoy the profits. Trouble is, that kind of thing gets noticed by bankers and cops alike. As the money kept coming, Freddie got more and more overconfident until he made the un-forgivable mistake of getting caught on CCTV at their last stand over. The very next day the Fuzz were all over the estate and Freddie, unlikeable little shite that he was, got sold out by his so-called mates.

While at Leverton Secure Children’s Home, Freddie and his mate KD became embroiled in DMG’s Operation GRAY ANT, along with their dorm-mates.

After a stint at Medway Secure Training Centre, Freddie was finally released on probation at age 18. some years after his original sentence was due to expire. Through his friend Wills, he found employment as an unskilled labourer, working for a contract company run by an ex-prison guard. Because he’d found stable employment, Freddie was allowed to move into a flat with Wils, KD, and Content Not Found: therin on Borstal Road.


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