Kareem Khady El-Hashem

A cheeky and sneaky geezer finally turned to life in a Damn Massive Gang.


Khareem Khady El-Hashem is an agent of the DMG.

Link to google docs character sheet.

Formerly known as Khady al-Khiy, his identity was killed in action while serving in the British military in 2009.


While at Leverton Secure Children’s home, KD and his mate Content Not Found: freddy became embroiled in DMG’s operation GRAY ANT, along with their dorm-mates.

After a stint at Medway Secure Training Centre, KD was finally released on probation at age 18. some years after his original sentence was due to expire. Through his friend Wils, he found employment as an unskilled labourer, working for a contract company run by an ex-prison guard. Because he’d found stable employment, KD was allowed to move into a flat with Wils, Content Not Found: freddy, and Aaron on Borstal Road.

Kareem Khady El-Hashem

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