A field technomancer working with Response Squad Epsilon, expert at finding and identifying devices


Nathaniel “Penfold” Pembroke

The short, round, and bespectacled technical expert was almost inevitably going to get nicknamed Penfold by his british brothers in arms.
Pembroke has served with distinction in Response Squad Epsilon since joining them in 2001.

Height: shorter than average(5’7")
Body Type: stout
Features: glasses, round cheeks
Eyes: pale brown
Hair: medium, curly, dark brown


Joined Epsilon Group as a Lance Corporal in 2001 after training with Operational Research in Belgium. Was promoted to Corporal in 2004 after MERCURY BEGONIA.
Pembroke specialises in the development of technomantic devices that aid in the finding of technomantic devices, a through-the-mirror like conundrum that pleases his slightly twisted sense of propriety while also proving useful in the field.

When deployed during Operation PANDA STEEL in 2007, Pembroke suffered psychological trauma due to an overloaded technomantic detection device (along with the trauma of seeing his squad-mates killed and maimed), and was treated in Medical Group facilities in Germany until mid-2008.
Pembroke was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the aftermath of PANDA STEEL, although he did not serve an active duty role until his return from Germany.

In 2009, Penfold was sent to train with four up and coming field agents as they moved towards qualification for Response Squad duties. When they qualified as field agents, having successfully negotiated Alpha Training Arena, they became Penfolds new squad-mates at Epsilon Group.


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