Their Own Devices

Mission 04
A guardsman's lot

Training never ends

The players training continues at DMG HQ in Belgium, with some basic introductions to devices and what they might encounter in their role as guardsmen. The short version: don’t touch it, and if you have to touch it stop as soon as possible. Never put one on, because it might kill you. Treat all devices as if they are biological weapons, and nasty ones at that.

After they complete the more intellectual side of their training in Belgium, they are split up for the final three months of their training, and sent for specific education in their nominated roles. They continue with their lessons in languages, with all guardsmen expected to be fluent in French, and the players also pick up the basics of German.

Wils is being given introductory officer training, and is sent back to Alpha Group base in Nevada to start with. He is given a more open tour of the facility this time around, and discovers that it is situated in the heart of the Nevada Test Site, mostly buried underground in Area 14. Later, he is sent for tactical training with Gamma Group in Germany.

Therin is continuing to increase his medical knowledge, and at Medical Group hospitals in Germany he is taught everything he needs to know to operate as a competent field medic. He lets his family know that he is training as a doctor in a German university hospital.

KD is training as a scout and assault trooper, and he is deployed to Reconnaissance Group facilities initially in Germany, and later in Norway and the Czech Republic.

Lastly, Freddy is being given advanced systems training with the Information Operations group in France.

Oh wait, training ends

After their three months of specialist training, the players are all shipped back to Belgium for graduation and assignment. They graduate in a class of around 150 guardsmen, around a third of whom are assigned to Operations Squadron, with the remainder assigned to Logistics Squadron. They notice that the O.S. guardsmen are about a quarter female, with the L.S. guardsmen closer to a fifty/fifty split, which strikes them as an unusually high number of women to have in a combat force.

Therin, Freddy, and KD are given the rank of Lance Corporal within Operations Squadron, and
Wils is made a full Corporal.
The fresh uniforms awaiting the players in their barracks are emblazoned with the cog and globe, O.S. fist, and a capital E below that. Along with the uniforms are orders to deploy to Epsilon Group base back in England.

A new home

After a brief flight back, they land at RAF Odiham in Hampshire, and are picked up by three DMG agents in an unmarked white van with tinted windows. They’re greeted by Sergeant Edward Sterling, who is going to be leading Fourth Squad, and to whom the players are reporting.
They are given a tour of Fort Halstead, and over the next six months they get to know its halls and chambers well, as they perform their duties as Epsilon Base guardsmen.

They get to know some of Epsilon Group’s personnel, and they spend a lot of their down time training. When possible, they train with Response Squad Epsilon, who seem to spend almost their entire lives sleeping and training.

During the first six months they are there, RS-E is only deployed three times. While RS-E is in the field, the guardsman platoon is on high alert, with nominated members ready to deploy as a containment crew if needed. During one of those deployments, Fourth Squad is on active duty, and they get to experience the constant stream of updates and radio chatter that bounces around the base while the Response Squad is out in the field.

Pear shaped is only good for pears

In June 2007, Third and Fourth Squad are briefed that they will be maintaining solo guard duty at Epsilon Base while a major operation goes on in France. They will need to be prepared to maintain up to three successive shifts, so are expected to get extra sleep in the days leading up to the operation.
After the briefing, Sgt Sterling lets the players know that it’s going to be a follow-up to an earlier attempt by Epsilon to clear Phi Base, where Sterling lost all of his squad-mates.
After they ask, Major Whitlaw gets the players clearance to read the after action reports for MERCURY BEGONIA and METRE CARNATION, so they have a better idea what to expect from the upcoming operation.

When the day of comes around, the players anxiously monitor incoming comms to get a feel for how the operation is going. When, later in the shift, casualties start arriving back at Fort Halstead, it becomes clear that it has not gone well.
Therin is assigned to assist in the med bay, along with any other medically trained staff remaining at Epsilon.

Wils encounters a shell-shocked Corporal Pembroke returning with wounds to his arms and chest, who doesn’t appear to be responding to Wils questions. Corporal Fuller is with him, although he himself has a bandaged wound stretching from above his right eye almost all the way back across his bald head, and is almost painted red from the sheer amount of blood spread over his head and uniform.
McCormack and Fisher are confirmed killed.

Over the course of the next ten hours, over 20 DMG agents are treated in Fort Halstead’s med bay. Horrifically, over twenty deceased DMG personnel are stacked in the corridors outside the med bay awaiting transport.
Two hours in, helicopters start arriving to take the more heavily wounded but stabilised agents to Medical Group hospitals in Germany.
Later in the day the helicopters remove the killed agents.

Over the course of the following week, all DMG personnel who survived the mission are rotated out of Fort Halstead to Medical Group facilities elsewhere in the world. A massive number of replacement and temporary staff are moved in to fill their roles in the interim.

Almost half of Epsilon Group is gone from the base as a result of Operation PANDA STEEL.

At the end of the week, the players receive orders to prepare to ship out for further training.

Mission 03
A training montage

The players convince KD to sign up to join the DMG, since all their other options are so much worse.
They are shipped off to the US on a C130, escorted by four guards.
KD can’t help but try and pick a fight with their escort, and the resulting scuffle leaves all four of the players taser’ed and unconscious. They wake to find themselves zip-tied into their seats on the transport, and spend the rest of the eight hour flight in uncomfortably upright positions.
They land in Nevada, and after being gagged and bagged again are transported to a base in an undisclosed location, where they spend their next six months in basic military training. They are not only thrashed physically and emotionally, but taught the basics of tactics and teamwork, and how to use the most commonly available firearms.
After six months of training, during which their general fitness and marksmanship has advanced exponentially, they are put back on a transport to fly to Europe.

They land in Belgium after another grueling flight, and are transported to yet another secret base. While there (in a heavily populated almost-city of a base) they are sent to lectures and tutorials on various more intellectual aspects of the DMG mission. They learn about the nature of technomantic devices, and the POWER Act that spawned DMG in the first place. They learn about the perils of attempting to attune oneself to a device without sufficient skill (and even with!). They learn about some of the most famous figures within DMG history, and they learn the basics of the second world war, from a magical (and super-black) perspective.

Mission 02

A grinding existence

The players have finally been released from Her Majesty’s pleasure, and have managed to secure employment as day labourers.
They were allowed to move into a flat on Borstal Street, provided they check in weekly with Phil the parole officer, and take regular drug tests.
After the Borstal branch of Royal Bank of Scotland is knocked over, the local plod decide to have a word with Freddie and KD, since they’ve just moved into the area and there are signs of technical nous in the MO of the robbers.
After protesting their innocence, and denying any knowledge of the man shown in what security footage is available, the boys decide it is probably best to keep very quiet for the time being.

Eyes on

On the way back from a night at the local (Who’d Ha’ Thought It), Wils sees a man who fits the description from the security footage. After Freddie confirms that it’s definitely the guy, they decide it’s safest to call the police and just stay put.
The man in question goes into an abandoned mechanics workshop, and then leaves shortly afterwards. He gets into a white panel van with a missing rear plate, and drives off. Meanwhile the plod have still not deigned to make an appearance.
Shortly afterwards, a man who looks very similar to the first also emerges from the workshop. This second man walks away down the street and disappears around the corner of Maidstone and Warden, around the side of the St Margarets Cemetary.
Obviously, now that both suspects have left, the police decide to show up. After inspecting the property and finding it secure, the police decide that these likely lads have been having a jape, and send them home with a stern warning.

A pursuit

The man in the overcoat follows the players home from the mechanics, attempts to find out what they saw, see if they’re a threat to his operation.

The players refuse his offer of cash to leave the country, and the clone pulls his gun. He is overpowered by the players, who are horrified to find that his clothing appears to be fused to his skin, and can’t be removed. He has no technomantic devices on him, but when they knock him out he dissolves into a puddle of goo, which evaporates over a couple of minutes, leaving nothing but a slight sheen to the floor. The players have obtained a gun.

An odd pairing

The clones come back in the guise of policemen, wearing uniforms that are slightly the worse for wear and driving a cop car with two corpses in the boot. One of these police officers moves very quickly indeed, and after he is defeated they find his shoes have been left behind.
The players manage to overcome these (using the gun obtained from the previous clone), and gain another gun and a combat knife, at the expense of a small scratch on KDs chest.
They also found a key to the workshop, and decide to go and pay the man in the overcoat a visit at home.
While on their way, Freddie finds that the sneakers he has taken off a clone allow him to run extremely fast, and jump ridiculously high. It’s pretty awesome.
The mechanics workshop appears to be the base of operations for the technomancer.
They get in and defeat the clone with the avoidance, although Wils is shot in the thigh.
When they go to confirm the kill, they see a portal open in the wall, and another man who looks the same (but wearing a kevlar vest) disappears out of it. Before the players get a chance to pursue, the man picks up an object from the ground and the portal disappears.

After this, Freddie attempts to go outside to find out where they guy has got to. However, as soon as he steps out, he gets gunned down by agents of RS-E who have come to secure O’Hare as part of operation GREEN DRAGONFLY (although fortunately using riot rounds, he is merely knocked out for a while). RS-E quickly take out the rest of the group, and they are bundled off to Fort Halstead.

After they are locked up, they are each interviewed by Doctor Sheridan, who is keen to get an understanding of their suitability for recruitment. The mindlock on their communication of events at Leverton is removed to allow them to write a second report on that event, in comparison with the events in Borstal.
They are made an offer they can’t refuse, which they mostly accept. Except KD, who professes that he would rather die than join…It’s unclear what he thinks these people are, some sort of super-boogyman evil that only the righteous snotty teenager can defeat, maybe. He raves about allowing magic to go free in the world, and how he has rights that can’t be removed.

Doc Sheridan shows him the legal documents which renounced his british citizenship, and assures him that they are, legally speaking, in no country. He has no rights but those that the Doctor decides to grant him. KD is unmoved by mere human logic, and decides instead to rant and rave for weeks on end.
Meanwhile the other players are left sitting around in a cell, waiting for KD.

Mission 01
Leverton Secure Children's Home

An inauspicious start in life

Gameplay opens with the players all resident in a secure children’s home just north-east of London, spending their 14th year on this earth at her majesties pleasure for various misdeeds.
Freddie and KD have both been nabbed for their involvement in a credit card fraud ring that went down in a blaze of violent confrontation with the constabulary.
Content Not Found: aaron is playing down his past, but given his massive size it’s a fair guess that someone somewhere had a very bad day.
Wils, meanwhile, stabbed someone in the face for insinuating that his father was a crook. Quite aside from the fact that his father is a convicted criminal, he just won’t stand for that.
They share a dorm at Leverton with two other boys – “Diddle” and “”/characters/seb" class=“wiki-content-link”>Seb".

An ordinary day at Leverton

Schedule of a regular week and day is roughly as follows.
h6. “We get up at 7.30,” he begins. The boy looks shocked, as if he thought that 7.30 only happened in the evening. “Breakfast at 8.15. Then chores – hoovering, dusting – till 8.50. Then education, with lessons till 12.15, including a short break, and then lunch. Then education again until 3.30, after which there is some individual or group work till tea at 4.45. After that it’s homework for an hour…”
“Homework?” says the boy, incredulously. “Can’t I go on the Xbox?”
“Homework, for one hour, then after that Structured Activities – craftwork, model- making, gym, badminton, table tennis, volleyball,” says the manager. “Then after that maybe some time on the Xbox, if you’ve earned the privilege. We have supper at 8.30 and then it’s off to bed with everybody, depending on their age, locked in by 9.30.”

A visitor in the night

Leon Granville appears in the dorms at night, has a whispered conversation with Sebastian Granville, disappears as suddenly as he appeared.
A visitor returns, with company
Leon Granville returns to visit in the middle of the night a week later, telling Seb that he loves him, but has to go away. Something terrible has happened. They’re dead, they’re all dead. He never meant it to happen.
RS Epsilon invade the halls of residence with sound and fury, a brief and decisive combat ensues.

A secret is enforced

Containment crew arrive to deal with the aftermath of the combat, and administer NDAs to all witnesses, and assuage the concerns of those who did not see what actually happened.


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