Their Own Devices

Mission 01
Leverton Secure Children's Home

An inauspicious start in life

Gameplay opens with the players all resident in a secure children’s home just north-east of London, spending their 14th year on this earth at her majesties pleasure for various misdeeds.
Freddie and KD have both been nabbed for their involvement in a credit card fraud ring that went down in a blaze of violent confrontation with the constabulary.
Content Not Found: aaron is playing down his past, but given his massive size it’s a fair guess that someone somewhere had a very bad day.
Wils, meanwhile, stabbed someone in the face for insinuating that his father was a crook. Quite aside from the fact that his father is a convicted criminal, he just won’t stand for that.
They share a dorm at Leverton with two other boys – “Diddle” and “”/characters/seb" class=“wiki-content-link”>Seb".

An ordinary day at Leverton

Schedule of a regular week and day is roughly as follows.
h6. “We get up at 7.30,” he begins. The boy looks shocked, as if he thought that 7.30 only happened in the evening. “Breakfast at 8.15. Then chores – hoovering, dusting – till 8.50. Then education, with lessons till 12.15, including a short break, and then lunch. Then education again until 3.30, after which there is some individual or group work till tea at 4.45. After that it’s homework for an hour…”
“Homework?” says the boy, incredulously. “Can’t I go on the Xbox?”
“Homework, for one hour, then after that Structured Activities – craftwork, model- making, gym, badminton, table tennis, volleyball,” says the manager. “Then after that maybe some time on the Xbox, if you’ve earned the privilege. We have supper at 8.30 and then it’s off to bed with everybody, depending on their age, locked in by 9.30.”

A visitor in the night

Leon Granville appears in the dorms at night, has a whispered conversation with Sebastian Granville, disappears as suddenly as he appeared.
A visitor returns, with company
Leon Granville returns to visit in the middle of the night a week later, telling Seb that he loves him, but has to go away. Something terrible has happened. They’re dead, they’re all dead. He never meant it to happen.
RS Epsilon invade the halls of residence with sound and fury, a brief and decisive combat ensues.

A secret is enforced

Containment crew arrive to deal with the aftermath of the combat, and administer NDAs to all witnesses, and assuage the concerns of those who did not see what actually happened.


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