Alpha Training Arena

Hidden deep within the bowels of DMG’s Alpha Group base in Nevada, USA, the A.T.A. is an infamous gauntlet that must be run (and survived) in order to complete training and qualify as Response Squad agents.

The aim of the gauntlet is simple – find and capture the flag that is concealed somewhere within the arena.

Entrance to the arena can only be gained via a heavily secured building on the surface of Alpha Base, where a single elevator will take the prospective Response Squad and their equipment slowly down the 100m drop to reach the Arena level.

Once inside, agents cannot leave the Arena until either the flag has been captured, or all agents are incapacitated.

A variety of different mechanisms, traps, and opponents have populated the Arena over the years since it was first built in 1968, as new technology allowed the admittedly sadistic sergeants of Alpha’s elite training company to devise ever new ways to test their pupils.

The modern day Arena was heavily overhauled by the O.R.G. technomancer Jenny Bell in the early 21st century. It is outfitted with turrets firing various non-lethal payloads, electrified floors, mines, and a legion of automatons. The entire system is controlled by a central semi-autonomous n-Dim-En Drive agent.

Floor plan of the Alpha Training Arena

(one hex = 2m)


Alpha Training Arena

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