Area 14

Area 14 of the Nevada Test Site is the primary base of the DMGs Alpha and Reconnaissance Groups.

The base itself is concealed underground at the centre of the test site. While Area 14 was never used for nuclear testing, all surrounding areas have undergone many successive detonations.

The site was chosen for hosting Alpha site in 1951, as the proximity to the (at that stage planned) series of test detonations would obfuscate attempted foreign surveillance of the DMG activities, as well as ensuring there were no accidental discoveries of the base.

The also un-tested Area 29 provides a large area for DMG training exercises, which is protected by its rugged terrain from observation from outside the range.

Alpha base was completely overhauled in the 1990’s. Barracks are now built to the US DOD standard of 1+1 (soldiers have individual rooms, but share bathroom and kitchenette facilities with one other soldier).

Overview of the area


Detonation map of the different test areas


Area 14

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