Overview of Devices

While many types of magic are known to exist in the world, the technomantic ability to imbue artifacts with a reserve of energy that creates a magical effect is the most commonly seen.

The devices created in this manner are initially attuned to the creator, although they can almost always be adjusted to work for another wearer. Specific game requirements can be found in the article on Device Attunement.

Because devices are attuned to their creator, wearing devices made by different technomancers causing interference that reduces the effectiveness of the devices.

It has been noted by many technomancers that the effectiveness of devices appears to be increasing slowly over time. This is referred to as Device Escalation Theory.

The primary objective of the various POWER enforcement agencies is to retrieve and secure weaponised energy reserves (commonly referred to as ‘technomantic devices’). This means that in theory there is no legal restraint on the use of devices that have no possible use as a weapon.
Practically speaking, most countries have requested that the various enforcement agencies also pursue police actions where devices are being used by suspects in criminal activities. The definition of “criminal use” varies from agency to agency.

Note on game mechanics: A custom inventory management system is used in this campaign. Devices show the slot used in the upper left of the card.

Devices available for requisition by RS-E for use in missions can be found in the Archival Vault at Epsilon Group, while some extremely dangerous devices are immediately transported to A.R.G. secure facilities and are not available to RS-E.


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