140318---greg---dmg-icon.gifThe Device Management Group is a POWER Act enforcement agency, representing (and policing) NATO countries.

DMG is an alliance of top secret intra-governmental military and research forces devoted to controlling the proliferation of technomantic devices within NATO countries. Breaches of the POWER Act are swiftly responded to by Response Squads, actions which normally take place under the banner of an official DMG Operation.

DMG is made up of several distinct divisions, with varying balance between military and civilian pursuits.


DMG Command HQ is based in Brussells, and both administers day to day DMG operations, and liases with the board of directors and the militaries of DMG member nations.

Operations Squadron is responsible for all DMG actions in the field – be that containment, retrieval, or elimination missions. OS is broken down further into six operational bases spread across the NATO alliance territories, each of which is a self contained forward operating base with on-site medical, technical and archival facilities. Each base maintains its own Response Squad, which is deployed on missions within their area of command.

Research Squadron is the primary focus of DMG’s POWER Act obligations, in the form of it’s Archival Research Group element, which is responsible for containment and storage of all dangerous technomantic devices that DMG retrieve. There is some contention between this mission and the pursuits of the Operational Research Group who prefer to find novel uses for devices that enhance Operations Squadron capabilities.

Logistics Squadron is responsible for transportation, supply, engineering, and medical needs throughout DMG.

Intelligence Squadron is made up of Signals, Reconnaissance, and Information Operations subdivisions, and is rumoured to also specialise in more hands-on intelligence gathering techniques.


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