DMG Guardsmen

While the most famous members of the DMGs Operations Squadron forces are the Response Squads that engage and neutralize technomancers and devices, the bulk of the each Operations Group’s combat personnel is made up of the much less celebrated Guardsman Platoons.

Each Operations Group has at least one full platoon of Guardsmen, made up of four squads of five men, plus a commanding officer.

Guardsmen not only provide facility security for Operations Squadron bases, but also provide support to Response Squads in the field (usually as part of a containment crew).

Guardsmen at Epsilon Group

There are four squads of five guardsmen assigned on a permanent basis to Epsilon Group at Fort Halstead.
They maintain rolling 12 hour shifts, with two squads on active duty at any one time. Once every three months, a cyclical replacement squad is deployed by Operations Squadron to give each squad a one week break from duty.
Every year, each squad is stood down for three months, during which two months are spent in training and a month is spent on leave.

There are five manned guard stations throughout Fort Halstead, and the standard duty routine for guardsman squads is to have one man in each station, two on patrol, and three in the ready room. Over the course of the shift, the guardsmen rotate through positions to alleviate boredom and keep their attention levels sufficiently high.

DMG Guardsmen

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