Epsilon Group

Epsilon Group is a subdivision of the DMGs Operations Squadron, tasked with enforcing the POWER Act within the United Kingdom and Iceland. Epsilon are based in just south of London at Fort Halstead

Like most Operations Squadron Groups, Epsilon maintains its own armoury, storage vault, sigint , medical and training facilities. These portions of the group are managed primarily by seconded staff from Logistics, Intelligence, and Research Squadrons.

Field missions within the United Kingdom are usually carried out by Epsilon’s Response Squad, although they field Containment Crews on an ad hoc basis as required by the mission.

Epsilon Group command hierarchy


Notable Epsilon Group staff

Major Isaac Whitlaw (2000 – present day)
Captain Corbin “Sherry” Sheridan (2001 – present day)
Captain Joseph “Matchstick” Dempsey (1998 – present day)
Sergeant Major Quinlan Williamson (1994 – present day)
Sergeant Connor “Conning” McCormack (2000 – present day)
Corporal Nathaniel “Penfold” Pembroke (2001 – present day)
Corporal William “Bucky” Fuller (1999 – present day)
Corporal Roderick “Ready” Fisher (2001 – present day)
Lance Corporal Raymond “Trigger” Snell (2001 – 2004)

See the article List of Epsilon Group Staff for a full listing.

Epsilon Group

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