Fort Halstead

Fort Halstead is the common name for Epsilon Group’s base in England.

Epsilon Group of the DMG is based in a concealed bunker beneath a QinetiQ facility in the woods south of Halstead in the United Kingdom.

The base is spread across several floors within a defunct missile silo, with gradually increasing security from the entrance floor down to the stacks and deep storage facilities in the lowest sub-basements.

As each level has a ceiling height of 5m, and there is a security layer between each that is a further 10m thick, the deepest levels are some 60m below ground level.

Within the base are medical, prisoner holding, training, research, and device handling facilities sufficient to cater to almost any need that Epsilon Group might have in fulfilling its objectives as dictated by the POWER Act.

The base is home to a regular contingent of around 65 DMG personnel, including a full guardsman platoon and the five-man Response Squad Epsilon. Because it was originally designed to house around 120 personnel, this allowed the agents of Epsilon Group to maintain a little more personal space than was original built in. It is considered a particularly old fashioned military facility given its large barracks and shared washrooms.

The base is outfitted with a full garage and houses a variety of vehicles for DMG Agent use, and an agreement with the QinetiQ base at ground level allows Epsilon Group access to a helicopter pad. Epsilon’s assigned helicopters are based out RAF Odiham in hampshire and can be called at any time within 20 minutes.

Floor plans of Epsilon Base at Fort Halstead

(One hex = 2m)

Entry level


First Sub-Basement


Second Sub-Basement


Third Sub-Basement


Circles with a central dot denote a concealed turret emplacement – within the current security specification, these turrets are all robotic and controlled by a central semi-autonomous software security agent. Most are equipped with 7.62mm light machineguns, with a base load of 500 rounds.

Fort Halstead

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