Leverton Secure Childrens Home

Leverton is a home for delinquent children between the ages of 12 and 16.

Leverton Hall is a 16 bed welfare secure unit catering for both male and female occupants. There are 3 units within the home, 1 of which is allocated just for females

Freddy, KD, Wils and Aaron spent their time there between age 14 and 16, before moving on to the Medway Secure Training Centre.

Leverton Ground Floor Plan

(One hex = 2m)


Leverton First and Second Floor Plans


The players shared their dorm with Seb Granville and Diddle Bell, and while they were staying there Seb’s father came to visit in the middle of the night.
The second time he came to visit, DMG Agents arrested him, subjected all others present to judicial non disclosure agreements, and absconded with Seb.

Leverton Secure Childrens Home

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