List of Epsilon Group Staff

Current Epsilon Group Staff

Military Personnel

Commanding Officer and Staff

Major Isaac Whitlaw (joined 2000)
Staff Sergeant Noah Stone
Second Lieutenant Lily Byrd

Response Squad Epsilon

Sergeant Nathaniel “Penfold” Pembroke (joined 2001)
Second Lieutenant William “Wils” Lawson Lewis (Joined 2006)
Corporal Alfred “Freddie” Dales (Joined 2006)
Corporal Khareem Khady “KD” El-Hashem (Joined 2006)
Second Lieutenant Aaron Oak (Joined 2006)

Guard Platoon

Staff Sergeant Henry Winton

First Guard Squad

Sergeant Irwin Atwood
Corporal Dewey Orne
Corporal George Malkowski
Corporal Walter Coffin
Corporal Stoddard Muller

Second Guard Squad

Sergeant William “Bucky” Fuller (injured, lance in Mission 1&2) (Joined 1999)
Corporal Walter Eaton
Corporal Irwin Leach
Corporal Howard Thornton
Corporal Sebastian Godwin

Third Guard Squad

Sergeant Victor Browne
Corporal Taylor Regan
Corporal Charles Archer
Corporal Joseph Norman
Corporal Arthur Falkner

Fourth Guard Squad

Sergeant Edward Sterling
Corporal Henry Smith
Corporal Tony Benton
Corporal Booker Mercer
Corporal Karl Jackson

On-call Pilots

Lieutenant Victor Warbeck
Flight Officer Morgan Buttermere

Medical Personnel

Chief Medical Officer : Captain Corbin Sheridan (Joined 2001)
Base Psychiatrist : Captain Sheridan providing cover while recruitment occurs


Lieutenant Wolcott Mather
Lieutenant Dwight Douglas


Sergeant Amelia Thornton
Corporal Kathlyn Martin
Corporal Wade Everett
Corporal Ellis Falkner

Technical Personnel

Chief Technical Officer : Captain Joseph “Matchstick” Dempsey (Joined 1998)

Technical Specialists

Lieutenant Lucien Parker
Lieutenant Henry Randolph (Logistics, Transport)
Lieutenant Dorene Burgess (Archival Research)
Second Lieutenant Victoria Mercer (Archival Research)

Technical Support

Staff Sergeant Wallace “Chompers” Champney (Joined 1996)
Sergeant Raymond Mackenzie
Corporal Gavin Hoyt
Corporal Ellis Eliot
Corporal Eldon Hawthorne
Corporal Milton Kingston (Archival Research)
Corporal Louise Bowen
Corporal Aileen Rutherford

Technical Training

Sergeant Major Quinlan Williamson (Joined 1994)
Sergeant Monte Davis

Weapons Support & Training

Staff Sergeant Quentin Oxford
Sergeant Stacey Dyer

Mechanical Engineering

Lieutenant Jewel Devereux
Corporal George Warren
Corporal Joel Wyndham

Communications & Intelligence (5)

Signals Officer : Captain Isaac Emerson

Communications Specialists

Lieutenant Jane Lake
Second Lieutenant Harriet Jasper
Corporal Brandon Upton

Signals Training

Sergeant Luther Pitman

Previous Epsilon Group Staff

List of Epsilon Group Staff

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