Summary of events

In October 2009, a distress call from one of their laboratories is forwarded through to the DMG by the Clarion Corporation. The details of the call are that one of their research scientists has taken the members of his team hostage, and has not yet issued any demands. Clarion’s live feed from security at the site has been tampered with and is unresponsive.
Per their standard protocols, all non-security staff have been evacuated and the classified research areas have been put into hard lockdown.

The local police have been told that the site is in lockdown, but ordered by Clarion’s government contacts to keep their distance.

Clarion Corporation is a partner in several research and development pursuits with the DMG’s Operational Research Group, as well as being a top secret-cleared supplier to the DMG’s Operations Squadron.

Because of this relationship, and that Clarion chose to call DMG directly and exclude the mundane authorities, it is reasonable to assume that some device-related emergency has occurred at the Royston labs.

Response Squad Epsilon is tasked with infiltrating the site, with the primary objective to neutralize the technomancer and any devices in his possession with extreme prejudice. The secondary objective is to secure the release of all hostages.

An over-sized containment crew is deployed along with RS-E to assist with security systems and handle any medical requirements for the hostages.

Non-player characters involved in operation GRASSHOPPER IRON THUNDER

Clarion Corporation staff

Ms Caldwell – Clarion’s Senior PR Advisor
Ms Hardy – Clarion’s DMG Liaison
Professor Robert Berry – the suspected hostage taker

Professor Felix Blumer – Device Research Lead at CRR
Doctor Chandra Egner – Audio Engineer at CRR
Doctor Torrie Neihoff – Device Mechanic at CRR
Professor Greg Faulks – Mammalian Researcher at CRR
Doctor Sheree Larimore – Tissue Technician at CRR
Doctor Manie Spahn – Chemical Technician at CRR
Mrs Naomi Lehto – Human Resources Manager at CRR
Ms Danika Aguila – Administrative Assistant at CRR

Michael Simpson – head of security at Clarion Corporation’s Royston laboratories
Liza LaRose – second in command of security
Jack Maddock – a security team member
Sam Ford – a security team member
Brandon Young – a security team member
Julia Edwards – a security team member

Epsilon Group Containment Crew

Lieutenant Wolcott Mather (Commanding)

Sergeant Amelia Thornton – Medical team lead
Corporal Wade Everett – Medic

Sergeant Victor Brown – Guardsman team lead
Corporal Charles Archer – Guardsman
Corporal Joseph Norman – Guardsman

Second Lieutenant Victoria Mercer – Archival agent
Corporal Brandon Upton – Signals Expert

Lieutenant Victor Warbeck – Pilot
Flight Officer Morgan Buttermere – Co-pilot

The raid

The team lands outside Royston labs to find it in lockdown, with cameras disabled across large areas of the base which prevent them from being certain what is going on in the outbuildings where hostages are being held.

The target is releasing modified animals to attack the team, not only hyper-aggressive pooh flinging chimps, but also including a bear in a breastplate. Because that’s a thing now.


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