Operation GRAY ANT

Summary of events

Operation GRAY ANT was a DMG Operation that took place in August 2001.
Leon Granville is the primary target of Operation GRAY ANT. He is a DMG Agent based out of Phi base in France, who is also known to have associated with SPIDER members in the past.
After Phi base undergoes a disastrous event, Leon is held responsible. He escapes from DMG capture in France, and goes on the run. Operation GRAY ANT is to capture Granville, wherever he may be.

Response Squad Epsilon are deployed to capture Agent Granville. They track him down after he makes contact with his son at Leverton. When he returns to visit Seb again, RS-E intervenes.

Non-Player characters involved in Operation GRAY ANT

Dr Alton Lowell – Manager of Leverton Hall
Nolan “Schultz” Schmidt – Security Lead at Leverton
Cora Radcliffe – Teaching Lead at Leverton
Dr Lydia Delmar – Counselling Lead at Leverton

Sebastian “Seb” Granville – Room-mate of the players
Sean “Diddle” Bell – Room-mate of the players

Leon “Silo” Granville – Seb’s father

Response Squad Epsilon during Operation GRAY ANT

Sergeant Connor “Conning” McCormack
Lance Corporal Nathaniel “Penfold” Pembroke
Lance Corporal William “Bucky” Fuller
Lance Corporal Roderick “Ready” Fisher
Lance Corporal Raymond “Trigger” Snell

DMG Containment Crew for Operation GRAY ANT

Lieutenant Joseph “Matchstick” Dempsey – commanding
Sergeant Wallace “Chompers” Champney – technical team lead
Second Lieutenant Lucien Parker – technical specialist
Lieutenant Corbin “Sherry” Sheridan – medical team lead
Corporal Melissa McKinney – medic

Operation GRAY ANT

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