Summary of events

Operation PANDA STEEL was a DMG Operation that took place in June 2007.

A combined force of Response Squad Epsilon and Response Squad Gamma-One, with support from Epsilon and Gamma guardsmen and technical staff, were deployed to the site of Phi Group base in France.

The solitary objective of PANDA STEEL was the pacification of the technomantic disruption at the heart of Phi Base, following the failure of Operation MERCURY BEGONIA.

Operation PANDA STEEL was a partial success, with the upper levels of Phi base successfully pacified and the technomantic disruption isolated within the lowest sub-basement of the facility.

However, the casualties suffered by the DMG taskforce in achieving even this much were overwhelming. Of a total forty-five deployed agents, twenty-two were killed and twenty wounded.

As a result of Operation PANDA STEEL, Epsilon Group was left with almost half their personnel out of action, and a significant number of cyclical Operations Squadron and supplementary staff from Logistics and Research were deployed to hold the facility while the wounded recuperated and more personnel could be found and assigned on a permanent basis.

Gamma Group, while it also suffered depletion of its deployed troops, was more adequately prepared to absorb the losses within it’s organisational structure. Gamma was assigned to police POWER breaches within Phi and Epsilon territories for the time being.

Non-Player characters involved in Operation PANDA STEEL

Response Squad Epsilon during Operation PANDA STEEL

Sergeant Connor “Conning” McCormack (KIA)
Corporal Nathaniel “Penfold” Pembroke (Wounded)
Corporal William “Bucky” Fuller (Wounded)
Corporal Roderick “Ready” Fisher (KIA)

Response Squad Gamma-One during Operation PANDA STEEL

Sergeant Bruno Versock (Wounded)
Corporal Anton Kofler (KIA)
Corporal Kristen Rossler (KIA)
Corporal Abélard Maignan (Wounded)
Corporal Eccard Loehr (Wounded)

Technical Support during Operation PANDA STEEL

Sergeant-Major Quinlan “Q Ball” Williamson (Wounded)
Lieutenant Samantha Nguyen (KIA)
Sergeant Wallace Champney (Wounded)
Corporal Sara Baker (KIA)
Second Lieutenant Henry Randolph (Wounded)

Second Lieutenant Lucien Parker (Wounded)
Staff Sergeant Quentin Oxford (Wounded)
Corporal Wyatt Graham (KIA)
Corporal Mary West (Wounded)
Corporal Emily Sun (KIA)

Medical Support during Operation PANDA STEEL

Captain Corbin “Sherry” Sheridan
Lieutenant Elli Eitel (Wounded)
Lieutenant Mike Martin (KIA)
Sergeant Amelia Thornton
Corporal Dirks Sieber (KIA)
Corporal Constantin Boer

Combat Support during Operation PANDA STEEL

Lieutenant Anthony Wilkins (KIA)
Corporal Samuel Webb (KIA)
Corporal Michael Sharpe (KIA)
Corporal Jared Cooper (Wounded)
Corporal Carl Reed (KIA)

Lieutenant Henry Winton (Wounded)
Sergeant Irwin Atwood (Wounded)
Corporal Owen Chadwick (KIA)
Corporal Victor Browne (Wounded)
Corporal Megan Smith (KIA)

Sergeant Gérard Delahaye (Wounded)
Corporal Nicholai Marusarz (KIA)
Corporal Erik Beckmann (Wounded)
Corporal Wilhelmine Schmetz (KIA)
Corporal Engelhard Tite (KIA)

Sergeant Cacilia Wenger (KIA)
Corporal Conrad Peiper (Wounded)
Corporal Hannelore von Grabenhofen (Wounded)
Corporal Bojan Vilensky (KIA)
Corporal Jean-Guy Delpech (KIA)


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