Operational Research Group

The O.R.G. are based in Belgium, but often provide technical expertise in the field via seconded technomancers across all DMG bases.

While technomancers are found throughout the hierarchy of the Operations Squadron, these agents are seconded from the O.R.G. and their primary command hierarchy remains O.R.G.
This structure provides fielded technomancers with more leeway in certain situations, but less in others.

The O.R.G. has a reputation with field agents as being staffed primarily by geeks gone mad with power, but it would be an unwise agent who made this comment within hearing of an O.R.G. technomancer.

There is a constantly simmering political fight within the upper echelons of DMG between Archival and Operational Research over the appropriate use of devices – with Archival arguing strongly that any field use of captured devices is counter to the purpose of POWER Act enforcement agencies.

As in other enforcement agencies, DMG continues to operationally use devices despite this argument, due to the overwhelming advantages provided to their agents in the field by developed devices, and the inability of mundane technology to counter the most dangerous of technomancers.

There are a number of joint O.R.G.-Fabrique Nationale research and development laboratories across Belgium, which act to leverage Device Escalation Theory in providing FN with cutting edge technology, and ensure that DMG has access to the latest weapons for their field agents.

Operational Research Group

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