Player Character Packages

Summary of Starting Power Levels

  1. Age 14 – 40XP+Everyman 15XP (55XP total)
  2. Age 18 – 50XP+Everyman 18XP (68XP total)
  3. Age 22 – 80XP+Everyman 18XP (98XP total)

Starting Package – Age 14

The players start the campaign around age 14, built as extremely low powered heroic characters, with 25XP and a further 15XP from disadvantages. They receive Everyman skills amounting to a further 15XP.

  • Base 40XP
  • Everyman 15XP
  • Disadvantages 15XP

Starting Everymans:

  • Everyman 1XP Acting
  • Everyman 1XP Climbing
  • Everyman 1XP Concealment
  • Everyman 1XP Conversation
  • Everyman 1XP Deduction
  • Everyman 1XP Area Knowledge
  • Everyman 1XP Paramedics
  • Everyman 1XP Persuasion
  • Everyman 1XP Shadowing
  • Everyman 1XP Stealth
  • Everyman 1XP TF:Common Motors
  • Everyman 4XP LS:English(Native)

High School Package

After the first mission, time rolls forward four years and the players have in the interim gained a further 10XP, and 3XP more of Everyman skills.

Breakdown of high school points gained

  • Base 10XP (50XP total)
  • Everyman 3XP (18XP total)
  • Disadvantages 0XP (15XP total)
  • 1XP to spend on familiarities with three of the below (3XP total)
    Acting, Computer Programming, Deduction, Electronics, Forgery, Knowledge Skills(Appropriate ones), Language, Mechanics, Oratory, Professional Skills(Tradeskills), Science Skills(Accounting, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics),Teamwork
  • Everyman 2XP Knowledge Skill
  • Everyman 1XP Professional Skill
  • 7XP to spend freely

DMG Training Package

At the end of the second mission, the players have been recruited into the Device Management Group. They then receive training for a total of four years (with a few interruptions), which gains them a total 30XP, including 35XP worth of Disadvantages. There are more disadvantages than gained XP, but that’s the military for you.

Breakdown of DMG Agent training points received

  • Base 30XP (80XP total)
  • Everyman 0XP (18XP total)
  • +1” Running (2XP)
  • +2 STR (2XP)
  • 11- PS: DMG Field Agent (2XP)
  • SR Tactics (3XP)
  • 8- KS: Devices (1XP)
  • 10- Paramedics (2XP)
  • 8- Streetwise (1XP)
  • WF: Small Arms (2XP)
  • WF: Blades (1XP)
  • French – Fluent with Accent (2XP+bonus from similarity to English)
  • Fringe Benefit : DMG Rank – Guardsman (1XP)
  • 6XP spent in any of the following (6XP total)
    Autofire Skills, Combat Driving, Combat Piloting, Computer Programming, Concealment, Cryptography, Deduction, Demolitions, Electronics, Interrogation, Martial Arts, Mechanics, Navigation, Paramedics, Persuasion, Security Systems, Stealth, Systems Operation, Weapon Familiarity, Weaponsmith
  • 5XP to spend freely

Breakdown of DMG Agent disadvantages gained

  • Disadvantages 35XP (50XP total)
  • 5XP Distinctive Features: Uniform (Easily Concealed)
  • 10XP Hunted: Device Management Group 8- (More powerful, Non-combat influence, Watching)
  • 20XP Social Limitation: Subject to Orders (Very frequently, Major)

Player Character Packages

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