SPIDER-symbol.pngThe Society for the Promotion, Invention, and Development of Energy Reserves has a long and illustrious history, dating back to well before the first world war.

In the past, POWER Act enforcement agencies have interacted peaceably with agents of SPIDER, and there has even been some overlap in membership.
Since the end of the cold war, more stringent guidelines one what constitutes a dangerous device have led to the relationship between SPIDER and the DMG becoming much more strained.

After 9/11, SPIDER was declared a terrorist organisation (despite no evidence of involvement in any terrorist acts). Now, the DMG and other enforcement agencies have been cracking down on SPIDER activities, with the result that they are now almost entirely a secret order.

Since the classification as a terrorist organisation, there have been rumours of a schism within the ranks of SPIDER – with more militant SPIDER agents agitating for a direct response to the persecutions of the POWER Act enforcement agencies. Given the distributed nature of the SPIDER organisation, there are no key leaders or factions to speak of.


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