The Order of the Lily and the Eagle

The order of the Lily and the Eagle are a cult devoted to the use of magic to advance individual freedom. They are more active in France than elsewhere.

The stated purpose of the Order

The Order of the Lily and the Eagle was founded a hundred years ago and comes with the aim of helping humanity to advance both individually and consequently, collectively. The Order has as its motto:

Love and Reciprocity
Established in the heart of Humanity.

Known members of the Order

Guy Violet – Chapter head at the Seine-Maritime Eyrie, Technomancer Elect (Deceased)
Samson Aguilar – Security lead at the Seine-Maritime Eyrie, Bound Elect (Deceased)

Jessie Newton (AKA m0ti0n) – Hacker, Bound Elect (Deceased)
Irene Ellis (AKA aLiCe) – Hacker (Captured)

Florentin Klein (AKA Bottles) – Hacker (Deceased)
Damiano Guenard (AKA pĂȘcheur) – Hacker (Deceased)
Dion Paradis (AKA Paradiso) – Hacker, Bound Elect (Deceased)
Yann Nivet (AKA YannnaY) – Hacker, Bound Elect (Deceased)
Elsie Pere (AKA ElseIf) – Hacker (Captured)
Charlyne Gallou (AKA Gallows) – Hacker (Deceased)

An excerpt from the OLE manifesto

Nevertheless, Man is constantly faced with great problems regarding the Universe and Nature, and with problems that directly concern himself and Humanity.

The solution to these problems calls for an individual and personal power far superior to that of Man, far more intense and freed from the fetters of the imperfection of human comprehension and perception.

Now, Man’s need to conquer the Universe and explore the Absolute is innate in him. Yet he perceives that in order to satisfy this need, his own resources and potentialities alone are not sufficient. Sensing the existence of Forces superior to his own, he appeals to them, accords his conscience with theirs and fearlessly applies himself to the solution of all these great problems, which arise at every step along the course followed by humanity.

Whoever follows this path is an Elect (Chosen one).

The Order of the Lily and the Eagle

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