Their Own Devices

Mission 12

Infops under attack, invading normandy

After dealing with the physical attackers directly, and after Freddie and Hal fight off and lock out the digital attackers, the team gathers with Major Whitlaw to consider their next moves.

During a hard fought counterhacking in the cybermantic realm, Freddie has managed to capture what appears to be a signature of the hackers responsible.


The calling card left by the hacker is attributed to “m0ti0n and aLiCe, and love to the Eyrie Sane Crew”, including ascii art of an eagle

Freddies successful counter incursion in the matrix allows the players to figure out that it is something called the Order of the Lily and the Eagle that is behind the series of technological attacks on the DMG. They appear to be opposed to the DMG as a symbol of government oppression and prevention of the free use of magic to advance individual power.

Shortly after they begin to discuss potential responses with Major Whitlaw, Li-li and Parks back at InfOps discovers that the attack on Halsteads turrets was a distraction – they were actually planting code that allowed them to back door into the InfOps systems they’d been unable to compromise directly.

Breaking down this code with Halstead allows Freddie to locate the home base of the order of the lily and eagle as within a beech forest in the Seine-Maritime department of Upper Normandy. It is also discovered via chat room keystroke logging (which InfOps manage to insert into the assailants computers) that they’re planning an attack on InfOps archives that will give them enough information to publicise the existence of DMG and a host of mission data – this must be prevented at all costs.

It is estimated that they will be staging the attack some time in the next five hours – InfOps will work to secure their systems and prevent the compromise, but are not 100% confident they’ll be able to lock it down. A physical attack on the hackers is considered a necessary backup to remove the threat. Freddie/Upton/Halstead think getting into their physical network might let them prevent the attack via technical means – but this means getting onsite.

Epsilon Group quickly assembles RSE and supporting elements for a raid on the OLE base in Normandy. While the plan is hurried, it is roughly that Freddie and Upton will remain near the landing zone where the external internet connection for the base is, and plug in there to attempt to subvert the security of the base and prevent the InfOps hack. The rest of the response squad will take members of the away team and hold the perimeter until the hack is complete, and then the entire team will advance and secure the physical base.

Away team is made up of

Sgt Mir Williamson – m2
Sgt sterling – hk416
Cpl smith – xm2010
Cpl Benton – hk416
Cpl upton – mp7
Sgt Thornton – mp7


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