Connor "Conning" McCormack

The tactically brilliant leader of Response Squad Epsilon from 2001 until his death in 2007


The rather tall leader of Response Squad Epsilon when the players encounter them in Leverton and Borstal, McCormack was killed in Operation PANDA STEEL a scant six months after the players first started to serve with him.

Height: tall(6’5")
Body Type: gangly
Features: sharp,
Eyes: dark hazel
Hair: very short, curly, pale brown

Conning lost an arm in MERCURY BEGONIA, although the only sign of this is the lack of a glove on a clearly robotic hand.


McCormack joined Epsilon Group in 2000 as a sergeant, after leading a guardsman squad at DMG’s Gamma Base for two years.
He was brought in to the lead the reformed Response Squad Epsilon, and has done so since.

He lost an arm during MERCURY BEGONIA, and while rehabilitating in Germany worked with the genius technomancer Major Pringle (of Operational Research Group) to build a technomantic replacement.

McCormack led RS-E into Phi base for a second time in 2007 as lead Response Squad deployed in Operation PANDA STEEL, and was killed fighting the technomantic disruption at the core of the deepest basement level of Phi base (along with Corporal Roderick Fisher).

Connor "Conning" McCormack

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