Corbin "Sherry" Sheridan

The dedicated and experienced Chief Medical Officer with Epsilon Group


Captain Sheridan is the base Psychologist as well as being the Chief Medical Officer of Epsilon Group.

Height: above average
Body Type: lean
Features: attractive
Eyes: dark green
Hair: mid length, strawberry blond


Sherry joined Epsilon Group in 2001 as a medic after training with Logistics Squadron in Germany for four years.
She was promoted to Lieutenant in 2002 after serving on several containment crews (including at Leverton during GRAY ANT). She trained as a psychologist between 2000 and 2003.

Sherry was promoted to Captain and given the post of Chief Medical Officer after her actions to save the lives of Conning, Bucky and Q Ball during MERCURY BEGONIA in 2004 (where she led the second containment crew).

Captain Sheridan was recognised again in 2007 for her part in saving the lives of several dozen critically wounded field agents during Operation PANDA STEEL (in which she led the medical support detachment).

Corbin "Sherry" Sheridan

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