Henry Winton

Commanding Officer of the Guard Platoon at Epsilon Group

  • Height: tall
  • Body Type: stocky
  • Features: hard
  • Eyes: green
  • Hair: medium, wavy, reddish brown

Deployed as a Sergeant with the first containment crew during Operation MERCURY BEGONIA, and was recognised and promoted for his efforts in extracting wounded members of the force.

As a Second Lieutenant leading First Squad of the Epsilon Group guardsman force, lost three of his five man squad during Operation PANDA STEEL. Winton was sorely wounded, as was the last member of First Squad, Corporal Jared Cooper. His efforts in the holding action staged by the guardsman force to allow the remaining members of the deployed Response Squads to escape led to a promotion to full Lieutenant.

In the aftermath of the heavy losses suffered by the guardsman force during PANDA STEEL, Winton was given command of Epsilon Groups guardsman platoon (replacing Lieutenant Anthony Wilkins, who was killed during the operation).

Henry Winton

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