Leon "Silo" Granville

A conflicted DMG Agent and SPIDER sympathizer, accused of causing the Phi Base Event


The father of Sebastian Granville, who shared a dorm with the players at Leverton Secure Children’s Home in 2001.

Height: just below average (5’8”)
Body Type: compact
Features: regular
Eyes: pale green
Hair: short, curly, dirty blond


A former agent of Device Management Group, he had been based out of Phi base in France. He went rogue in 2001, and is considered at least partially responsible for the massive POWER breach that took place that year at Phi base.

Leon was captured by DMG agents on the Leverton grounds, when visiting with Seb at night. Displayed an ability to disappear and reappear nearby, as well as being unusually sneaky.

Leon "Silo" Granville

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