Lucien Parker

A technomancer and technical specialist from Epsilon Group, who is extremely talented at device attunement and extraction

  • Height: short
  • Body Type: lanky
  • Features: weak
  • Eyes: blue
  • Hair: very long, sandy brown

Parker uses a pair of custom-built gloves to assist in his work with devices.


Parker was first encountered by the players during their time at Leverton, where he arrived with the containment crew after RS-E, during Operation GRAY ANT.
He provided technical support during Operation BUTTERFLY BLUE in 2005.

Parker was deployed as lead of the second technical support detachment during Operation PANDA STEEL (although with Staff Sergeant Oxford riding shotgun to ensure the young officer didn’t do anything stupid).

He was recognised for his (foolishly) brave actions during the fighting retreat from Phi Base sub-basement four, and promoted to Lieutenant. However, despite his actions, he failed to save the life of agent Emily Sun, a junior technomancer who Parker had been romantically involved with.

Lucien Parker

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