Jonathan "Jack Flash" O'Hare

A pragmatic and morally flexible funding expert and technomancer for SPIDER


SPIDER affiliated technomancer who favours fast entrances and exits of suburban banks. Is funding SPIDER establishment of new safe houses after the purges of the last several years.

Height: slightly above average
Body Type: slender
Features: bold
Eyes: pale brown
Hair: very short, straight, dirty blond
Annoyed by: the status quo
Sucker For: sappy romantic things

Has a penchant for customised M1911’s, but prefers not to kill his enemies outright. Has an uncanny ability to incapacitate without permanently disabling, despite the high calibre of his preferred weapon.


Was captured in operation GREEN DRAGONFLY, after being smacked around (in his duplicative forms) by the players in Borstal.

His involvement with the players directly led to their (obligatory) recruitment into the ranks of the Device Management Group.

O’Hare was caught in possession of some very high powered devices, including a previously unseen portal device that allowed him to pass through solid walls at will, and a device that allowed him to create multiple duplicates of himself.
While he had personally crafted the duplication device, the portal device bore a makers mark previously unseen by the players – “Dan Mullens”

Jonathan "Jack Flash" O'Hare

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