Roderick "Ready" Fisher

A shotgun-weilding psychopath loosely leashed to Response Squad Epsilon, now deceased.


A short, barrel-chested, and angry man, Fisher was a member of Response Squad Epsilon from 2001 until his death in combat in 2007.

  • Height: very short
  • Body Type: compact
  • Features: closed
  • Eyes: dark brown
  • Hair: very short, straight, pale red

Fisher joined Epsilon Group in 2001 as a Lance Corporal, at the same time as several other new recruits, including his best friend “Trigger” Snell.
After several operations (including GRAY ANT at Leverton) he was promoted to Corporal.

He earned the call sign “Ready” after several borderline-punishable incidents in which he was extremely hasty to put down targets in the field, and also because of his preferred method of approach to combat situations – charge with a shotgun at the first instant.

Fisher struggled with grief after the death of Snell during the disastrous DMG Operation MERCURY BEGONIA in 2005, and consequently was easily raised to anger.

During Operation PANDA STEEL in 2007, Fisher was killed while attempting to pacify the core disruption within Phi Base.

Roderick "Ready" Fisher

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