Sebastian "Seb" Granville

The introverted room-mate of the players while at Leverton, who was disappeared by the DMG


Roommate of the players at Leverton Hall

One year younger than the players (born 1988)

Height: just below average (5’6”)
Body Type: compact
Features: regular
Eyes: blue
Hair: medium length, curly, dirty blond
Annoyed by: get rich quick schemes
Sucker For: large cities


Born in 1988, Sebastian Granville is the son of Leon Granville, and grandson of Pierre Granville.

Having been hyper intelligent since an early age, and often left to his own devices due to his fathers many commitments, Sebastian got himself into trouble early and often.
As a result he spent his early teenage years in a Secure Children’s Home, after a particularly violent escapade during his time of experimenting with chemical stimulants, during which he attempted to run down his father and only succeeded in severely injuring two policemen.

Seb was disappeared by DMG agents after the events at Leverton involving his father (operation GRAY ANT). Has not been seen since.

Sebastian "Seb" Granville

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