Wallace "Chompers" Champney

An experienced Staff Sergeant at Epsilon Base, with a knack for navigating bureaucracy

  • Height: tall
  • Body Type: gangly
  • Features: angular
  • Eyes: pale blue
  • Hair: short, wavy, dark brown

Joined Epsilon Group in 1996 as a Lance Corporal in the Guards.

Was promoted to Corporal and underwent Specialist training in 1997.

Qualified as a Technical Specialist, Field Ready in 2000, and attained the rank of Sergeant.

Was part of the containment crew deployed to Leverton in 2001.

In 2004 Champney was promoted to Staff Sergeant in command of technical support for Epsilon Group.

Deployed with the technical support detachment during Operation PANDA STEEL in 2007, and was wounded. After the operation, Champney was recognised for his staunch part in the heroic holding action of the guardsman force, promoted to Staff Sergeant, and given command of technical support at Epsilon Group.

Wallace "Chompers" Champney

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