William "Bucky" Fuller

A worn and scarred guardsman sergeant with Second Squad at Epsilon base


For many years the longest serving member of Response Squad Epsilon, Bucky joined in 1999 and was the only remaining member of the pre-2001 RS-E, up until his retirement from field duty in 2007 after sustaining injuries during Operation PANDA STEEL.

Height: above average
Body Type: lean
Features: scarred
Eyes: dark green
Hair: balding, shaved


After serving in Alpha Group as a guardsman since 1996, Bucky Fuller joined Epsilon Group in 1999 as a Lance Corporal, after undergoing Response Squad training.

He was injured in operation MERCURY BEGONIA in 2004, sustaining a severe burn across the top of his head, and was promoted to Corporal.

After his actions during PANDA STEEL, Fuller was promoted to Sergeant and given command of a guardsman squad at Epsilon Group, ending his tenure with RS-E.

William "Bucky" Fuller

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