Archival Vault

The Archival Vault is maintained by the Archival Research Group agents seconded to Epsilon Group, and contains all technomantic devices captured in the field by Response Squad Epsilon.

This page lists all devices currently stored at Epsilon Group (which may be requisitioned by RS-E for use in future missions), as well as detailing all devices captured by RS-E which have sp. ince been moved off-site to a secure A.R.G. facility (and cannot be requisitioned).

Each device in the Vault is represented with a device card, in keeping with the inventory management system used.

Devices available for requisition

Binding Contract – this essential DMG containment crew tool is a copy of the official secrets act that magically binds the signatory to silence regarding anything described in attached documents.

Minor Augment Speed – a common device type, it takes many forms and is built slightly differently by every technomancer.

Minor Augment Stealth – this device enabled the rogue DMG agent Leon Granville to sneak around while being, unfortunately, not quite undetectable.

Minor Augment Senses – this device gave Leon Granville incredibly fine tuned senses, and allowed him to see in the dark.

Minor Detect Technomancy – these devices are commonly built by enforcement agent technomancers, and allow a variety of means of locating other devices.

Augment Avoidance – unlike devices which reduce the damage wearers suffer when attacked, these powerful devices assist the wearer in not getting hit in the first place. More cautious technomancers agree that this is far superior in almost all situations.

Minor Augment Technomancy – Technomancers who have tried to dismantle or modify devices before are generally very keen to find ways to improve their ability to pull off these tricky procedures. Those that live through it, that is.

Minor Augment Mechanics – a variety of different devices are crafted by more mechanically minded technomancers to assist them in their work. These are some of the simplest types that have been built.

Detect Technomantic Activity – this device was crafted by Nathaniel Pembroke to assist in locating other devices and the activities of technomancers at range.

Devices not available for requisition

Minor Teleport – this powerful device allowed Leon Granville to blink from place to place

Duplication – this powerful device allowed Jack O’Hare to create almost-perfect duplicates of himself, which could then go and get smooshed into goo by the players.

Portamantic Device – this unusual device was being used by Jack O’Hare to rob banks. It can create a dimensional gateway that allows passage through any relatively narrow solid obstacle.

Minor Augment Blades – These gloves allowed Tiffany Weber to perform feats of swordsmanship to rival the great masters of history.

McCormacks Arm – this artifical limb was built for “Conning” McCormack after he lost his own arm in Operation MERCURY BEGONIA

Archival Vault

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